I Was Born To Create

The Toronto Pride Parade is coming up in a week.


Jeremy (my boyfriend, in case you didn’t know) thought it would be an amazing experience to connect with the Women’s Center/Pride Committee on our campus to march in the parade. It turns out that the group of students from our campus are marching with the AIDS Committee of Durham Region. 


I am hoping that I can learn a lot from being people who are unashamed of themselves and love themselves despite being under attack as a community and as individuals. What I want out of my experience next week is inspiration, something that hits my heart as much as it hits my head. 

So I ended up at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region Office today to sign a release form and create signs for the parade with a couple of familiar faces within a mostly new group. 

The theme this year is BORN THIS WAY. It’s like Glee but with signs and a parade instead of shirts and a song and dance number. We were all told to make a sign relating to the theme. 

My sign says I WAS BORN TO CREATE.

It was the first thing I came up with in my head and it had nothing to do with my sexuality (I’m a boring standard straight girl, and even though I love my friends in the LGTBQ community, I had no commentary to make about myself relating to my personal preference).

But for me, I needed to find something I love about myself to focus on. For me, the message of Pride is Love. How am I supposed to walk in a group of people who are expressing their pride, their love for who they are as individuals when I am not doing the same thing?

So today, I made the sign personal. And I made the event personal. I am going to learn to make every single day a celebration of PRIDE and LOVE. Even if it’s just for myself.

The girl sitting next to me while I was making my sign asked me, “What were you born to create?”

I didn’t have an answer right off the top of my head…but I realized what the answer was after the fact.

I was born to create positive energy.

I was born to create positive space.

I was born to create to express myself.


The truth is, I am still going to struggle to love myself. But I’ve figured out how to deal with that struggle.

At the end of the day, I was born to love myself as much as I love others.